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Contractor vs. Ownerbuilder

Using a Contractor vs. Owner-builder

Our design experience has helped thousands of families over the years. We were proud to be recognized in 2010 by YouTube for our D-I-Y video series that has received hundreds of thousands of combined views with multiple video segments.

In 2018 we contributed in the Netflix Movie “Father of the Year” Produced by Adam Sandler – Happy Madison Productions.

Owning many leading domain names like SwimmingPoolPlans.com – HowtoBuildYourOwnPool.com – has helped homeowners develop ideas that last a life time.

Many of us with swimming pools enjoy the beauty of the design process but the end results are many years of great family memories.


Our plans and designs can be helpful to the swimming pool designer, the home-owner in aiding in the design. Present your favorite shapes you find here to your local builder.

Have our design team develop a detailed plan for you to submit to local builders or phase contractors to determine if using one contractor to build your entire project or if it makes sense to perform the build as a Home-Owner-Builder.

Either way, we have the skill and over 25 years invested in the Swimming Pool Industry and enjoy the process of helping families no matter which choice builder, or build…We are here for our clients with a solid 5 Star Yelp page, Hundreds of thousands of YouTube visitors. 13,000 Facebook followers.

Having a well thought out design

Having a well thought out plan can speed up the process. Meeting with pool builders and handing them a professional plan can insure each builder of your choice will have the same information that you have worked out ahead of time. Bids come back to you and can be compared to the details of the plans. Limited mis-steps are also a by-product of having the pre-construction process provided ahead of time.

Great Pools Happen by Design

Swimming Pool designs have evolved to include, Negative Edge pools, Waterfalls with grottos, Caves, Counters on the bond-beam- Pool Engineering plays into these design factors and our team provides these skills in designing any custom project for your site conditions and elevations.

How would I know If I could build my own Pool

Design and scope should be calculated into this decision. Question? Have you previously over-saw other projects and felt accomplished upon the completion? Our program has 27-line item steps to perform. These range from making simple phone calls to selecting product to calling your local city building officials to schedule phase inspections. Construction is a series of containment actions. Once you have selected 7-8 phase contractors skilled and licensed in their phase, the plan notes become a point of focus. Each phase follows corresponding notes and directives all starting with what is referred to in construction as “The Pre-Walk”. This process is done on site with both the phase contractor and the home-owner present. A clear reading of the plan notes together to insure both parties have a clear understanding of the scope expected including time-line. Average savings 30%-40% building as Owner-Builder. The savings is by hiring phase contractors directly and buying the pool equipment wholesale.

Creative Design Features

Swimming Pool design features like Negative Edges, Swim-up bars, Baja reefs or commonly referred to as a sun shelf, reef ledge are typically at the entrance of the pool at the shallow end but if the pool is large enough we have designed a slightly deeper ledge to swim into and gently stand in an area that is about 2’ deep (a Baja at the deep -end). Deck Jets and Laminar jets are streams of water lit by LED color changing light making a stream into the pool. Pool LED lighting provides incredible night atmospheres.

Rim flow pools fall into the very sophisticated category of design. Elegant and classy – three to four times the cost to plumb these pools as they require underground water storage tanks.

Waterfalls with grottos and pool slides provide a growing family years of excitement.

A solid understanding of history is key

So bottom line, whether you choose to build your own pool using our resources or one contractor to select the phase contractors on your behalf, Having something built (In this case a pool) requires what I led a 45 year old company by…..(Containment) Each equation, from your design to the plan to the time of year to build, the people involved, their history and costs and ALL containment issues that will require your involvement. There are companies out there that will take full control, but you will need to vet that type of contractor to insure his or her history has a past track record of 100% outcome satisfaction. This is why so many people choose to build the Swimming Pool and hire and schedule for “containment”

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